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Compute Stick STCK1A8LFC is running Ubuntu 19.04 (and now 19.10) well


UPDATE 18-October-2019

I tested 19.10 Xubuntu on my STCK1A8LFC and it is running well, all devices are recognized out-of-the-box, the installation instructions are the same as 19.04 below. I inserted a 32 GB SD card to "fool" the installer that I had at least 8.6 GB of disk space available to proceed with the installation, even though I ultimately installed to the internal 8 GB eMMC drive instead.


It seems that 19.10 is using a little more disk space than 19.04, after I expanded the swapfile to 1 GB as instructed below, I only had around 340 MB left in the root file system. That has been enough so far, I might have clear my Firefox browser cache a little more often. The swapfile could instead be created on the SD card, I have not tested that to see if it might be a performance hit.




Not a question but I tested 19.04 Xubuntu and Lubuntu on my Intel Compute Stick STCK1A8LFC (1.33 GHz Atom Z3735F, 1 GB of RAM and 8 GB of storage). They both install and run well and the 5.0 kernel supports Bluetooth natively now. Other flavors of Ubuntu such as Ubuntu MATE would not fit on the internal 8 GB storage.


19.04 Xubuntu or Lubuntu both seem like good options for those wanting to upgrade from the original Ubuntu 14.04. With the addition of Bluetooth, all devices are working now out-of-the-box that I am aware of .


One caveat with 19.04 is that it does a check for available disk space at the start of the installation which fails on the STCK1A8LFC because it only sees the internal eMMC drive as having 7.7 GB and it requires at least 8.6 GB. I found a way around this however by mounting a second USB drive with greater than 8.6 GB available (mine had 32 GB) and the installation proceeds and lets you install to the internal 7.7 GB eMMC drive after all. After installation, I had 1.3 GB available on the internal eMMC drive for Xubuntu and 1.7 GB available for Lubuntu which has been more than enough free space so far. The swap file is only sized at 311 MB after installation which worked okay in general but was quickly used up if I loaded a webpage in Firefox with a large amount of content and ads, the entire system would become unresponsive and it would require a reboot. I resized the swap file to 1 GB using the procedure here and that fixed the problem. I only had around 590 MB left in root filesystem after that but it was still enough. A SD card can always be inserted to provide additional storage of course.


Installation Instructions for Xubuntu 19.04

 I downloaded the Xubuntu 19.04 64-bit ISO file (only 64-bit is available for all Ubuntu flavors now as of 19.04) and burned it to a USB drive. I booted the live USB by pressing the F10 key at power up using a powered USB hub, mouse and keyboard:

- Select "Install Ubuntu".

- Connect to the Internet via WiFi.

- Select both buttons:

  •    Download Updates
  •    Install third-party software

- For Installation Type, I selected "Erase disk and install Xubuntu" since I wanted a fresh install. I selected the "MMC/SD card 7.7 GB MMC" drive to install to and it said "The entire disk will be used".


Installation Instructions for Lubuntu 19.04

I downloaded the Lubuntu 19.04 64-bit ISO file and burned it to a USB drive. I booted the live USB by pressing the F10 key at power up using a powered USB hub, mouse and keyboard:

- Select "Start Lubuntu".

- Connect to the Internet via WiFi.

- Double click the "Install Lubuntu 19.04" icon on the desktop.

- Select the MMC storage device and select either the Erase disk or the Manual partitioning option to use the entire disk.



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Thank you for the post.



Excuse me, did you use x86 or x64 version ? Thanks


As of 19.04, only x86_64 versions are available for all flavors of Ubuntu.