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External USB HDD disconnects and reconnects Repeatedly

Received the same today from Amazon - testing it...

External Seagate USB HDD Disconnects and Reconnects repeatedly while playing 1080P Video files.

Since the ICS has ONLY one USB Port (BTW, is it 2.0 or 3.0?), I am using a USB (bus powered) Hub to connect the HDD.

I observe the given behaviour only while viewing 1080p video files (Not docs, photos, audio files, etc.) It disconnects and automatically reconnects while playing video files.

What could be the reason:

1. Low Bandwidth (since HD Video files are involved)

2. Inadequate USB Current (using USB Hub)

3. Power/Sleep settings of external HDD (any settings specific to Windows 8.1 with Bing)

4. USB Cable (using USB 3.0 cable)

Anyone else encountering similar issues with Intel Compute Stick? Any assistance and support will be highly appreciated?

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Besides the points you mentioned above, you may want to connect the Intel® Compute Stick to its power adapter instead of the TV's (or other) USB port and, for testing purposes, remove all other devices connected to the USB hub other than the drive in question and the input devices (KB and mouse). Intel® Compute Stick — Powering the Intel® Compute Stick via USB


Which USB devices definitely require a Self Powered Hub?

Also, does a Bus Powered Hub "exactly divide" the 500mA current it receives between itself and the various ports irrespective of the "actual load" connected?

e.g. a 4 port Hub will provide 100mA each to the various ports - 8 port Hub will provide 50mA each, 16 port Hub will provide 25mA each and so on or the current is divided as per the ACTUAL LOAD and not the "number of ports".

What are the EXACT symptoms if a USB device is NOT receiving Adequate (Required) Current while being connected to a USB hub:

1. will not power ON


2. will not be detected (not showing up in the device manager)


3. Low Speed or data transfer rate

The first 2 symptoms are easy to notice, not sure - the third symptom can also be due to several USB devices operating simultaneously.

Any assistance and support will be highly appreciated?


A powered USB hub is recommended if USB devices require more than 500mA. Intel® Compute Stick STCK1A32WFC — Product Specifications

Community Manager

Having the same issue. My Seagate Expansion 1 TB external HDD is connected to ICS through a powered USB hub (D-Link DUB-H7). Into this hub is connected an USB 3 to Gigabit Ethernet network adapter (TP-Link UE300). If i disconnect the external HDD everything work fine but when I plug in the external HDD, this is randomly disconnected and also the wired connection disconnects too! Any response / solution from an Intel representative!? Any future drivers which will olve these issues?!