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HELP on reset to original win 8.1 after clean instal to win 10


hi I tried updating to windows 10 with windows update prompt.

did not work

then I tried a clean install of windows 10

worked but it works funny and no sound

I did a a recovery 8.1 usb key before the update

now I tri to use it and nothing.

please help I want to bring my ICS back to it's original settings.


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what is the model of the product you have?



Made 04/2015



I did the same... a clean install of Windows10 after I've killed it.

To get sound it was not hard. To install the Intel drivers you can take the Driver Update Utility.

It will detect the hardware, download and install the required drivers.

But, the graphics driver fails to install. The setup can't detect the Intel HD graphics.

Anyone may had the same issue and found a fix ?



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Hello chakal29manny,

In this case, you did not need to do clean installation of windows 10, in order for you to upgrade to Windows 10 you need to follow the steps at:

Now, can try to recover your system please try the following:

Update the Intel® Compute Stick BIOS; please download the latest BIOS version for this unit at:

In this case I recommend doing a BIOS recovery and you can follow the steps at:

After that is done, try to reset your system and follow the steps that you will see here:

If these troubleshooting work for you try upgrading to Windows 10 again, please follow the steps to upgrade to Windows 10 at:

If the troubleshooting step above does not solve your problem, it is because you have already deleted the partition for Windows 8.1 and at that point is not possible to recover your system.


Hi Ivanu_Intel,

Base on your post, most of those things I already done so far.

what happened in my case is that I install windows 10 upgrade via Windows Updates.

It took me 4 days for it to finish the process due to it keeps "freezing" or no display seen after the restarts

and then eventually it boots to windows 10

now i can't do anything due to that the keyboard/mouse wont respond

when i boot to f8 its the same scenario, kb/mo wont work

then tried to install windows 10 via SD card, it was able to boot, but its asking for the location of the install files,

turns out, the SD card its not showing on the list of drives

while having those problems, there's an option to repair my pc which enables me to go to the throubleshoot part of windows, this time, KB/mouse is working

tried multiple attempts to roll back, there's an option to reset, but after that it failed, also there's an option to rollback prev builds but no avail still.

then use USB to boot to windows 10

installed it but problems with the drivers

- tried to doreset while inside windows 10.

it just reset to windows 10.

recovery partition still intact but no idea if its replaced with 10 or not.

I download 8.1 iso from microsoft, hoping i can revert it back to its original, sadly it did not recognize the Pkey on thebios nor the Pkey i extracted from it(manual input)

So im stuck.. hahaha

Main problem running windows 10

most device is not detected on the Dev manager.

SD Card not working inside windows

BT is not recognized by the OS

VC is not showing as a device

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Thanks for the reply.

Well as far as I would like to RMA this unit but I cant.

I talked to my retailer about it and they said that they can only replace it if its a hardware defect, OS or software not included.

Right now, I was able to reinstall windows 8.1 *** on this unit,

But still has the same problem regards to devices on the computer.

When i tried to check all unknown devices info, i couldnt found the GPU devices.

so i tried DL this driver pack for onda_intel tablet PC w/c as what I've checked is using the same chipset.

after installing those drivers, the GPU magically appeared on the list.

however, it was not able to install the TXE so I downloaded it from here.

So far so good. its working now as it should.

my concern is that how could I get the recovery to work?

I dont want to do reset again and ended up going back to the same OS that I installed not on the recovery

If there's a way for me to recreate or do wimboot image on my setup then I'll do so.

One more thing. I dont know if this unit tends to "Froze" from time to time but when have the unit turned on for let say 5hrs straight and turn off the monitor/TV, when i turn the TV on, it says no signal,

tired to unplug/replug the unit and still no signal

turn off and on the ICS, still no signal showing on the screen

so i do hard reset on the unit and turn it back on, now there's a signal display but got stuck on the LOGO page for 2 mins before it showed the boot options then back to windows.

ill do a stress test on the unit today and see if that happened again.


I just had an error

driver_irql_not_less_or_equal uaspstor.sys

hhhmm what cause this?