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If I have the Compute Stick with factory loaded Windows 10 the Fall update going to be a problem?


I have purchased the Windows 10 version of the Compute Stick. Once it arrives, is the Fall Update going to be an issue and "BRICK" my second Compute Stick? Anyone out there able to do this without any issues at all?

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YES it will be a problem until Microsoft/Intel get their act together. I have a compute stick with Windows 10 preloaded. I just let Microsoft push the update for Windows 10. The result is I now have a non-functioning compute stick.

My best advice is keep the files you care about on a micro-SD. Be sure to disable Microsoft auto-updates. Then it seems you have to visit here to be sure everything is ok and everyone isn't reporting problems, then and only then you can accept the Microsoft update.

I'm writing this now from my very reliable Apple iPad Air. Can you tell I'm annoyed!


Hello all,

PlinkerCraig for sharing your thoughts.

Please bear in mind that this update is provided by Microsoft, I would recommend to check with them in order to provided you with more information about know issues with the Intel® Compute Stick over this update.

I found some issues reported in regard to this update at the following link; Windows 10 Threshold 2 Version 1511 Problems Appear: Failed Installs & More

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