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Intel Compute Stick shuts down on Win10 startup screen (stk1aw32sc)



I bought 2 new stk1aw32sc Intel Compute Stick. They are dated 06/2017.

They both started to update as soon as I added WiFi. After this - one of them is working fine, but the other one just wont open windows. Every time it reaches windows login screen (with the background) or even earlier it just turns itself of. I cant get in to windows, I have done the following:

F7 Boot Menu - Updated BIOS to the version supplied on your web site

F8 Boot Menu - Recovery Mode

  • Repair options - Tried use another operating system (there are duplicate win 10)
  • Repair options - Continue
  • Troubleshoot - Chosen reset this PC
  • Troubleshoot - Advanced options - Startup Repair (said startup repair couldn't repair yor PC)
  • Troubleshoot - Advanced options - System Restore (No restore points have been made)
  • Troubleshoot - Advanced options - System Image Recovery
  • Troubleshoot - Advanced options - Change startup settings (Load in Safe Mode, Enable low resolution video etc.)
  • Troubleshoot - Advanced options - Command prompt (chkdsk /f no bad file records/sectors), bootrec.exe /scanos (total identified windows installations:; 0)

I have read on lots of forums but no solution seems to work. Please help me out.


Ps. Also, your forum is in mixed Swedish, Japanese and Enlish for me ; )

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Hello, TheJesper. Thank you very much for sharing your issue with the Intel Communities Team. I will be more than glad to assist you.



I sent you a private message, please verify your inbox.





Antony S.
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Dear Antony,

Thanks for your prompt reply. I have actually got it up and running again and I will give it a little bit of time hoping it will not break again.

This is what I have done...

  1. I changed to another monitor, other cables and adaptors as well as high quality usb charging cable to eliminate this from the equation.
  2. My other Compute Stick of the same model did actually was a bit shaky as well, but with this setup I at least managed to get to the same screens as when the device was new.
  3. I reinstalled windows, and the first thing to do when entering Windows 2010 was to disable windows update. I did this both by adding keys in the register as well as using power shell to prevent update service from running at all


    Ref 1:


    Ref 2: How Do I Disable Windows Updates in Windows 10 Home? - Ask Leo!
  4. I then installed all the software I knew I will need: Spotify, Ccleaner, TeamViewer, Chrome as well as all the drivers for my specific Compute Stick. Setup computer name and windows preferred settings.
  5. I then installed Macrium Reflect - Free edition - Ref: Macrium Software | Macrium Reflect Free
  6. With this tool I took a backup of the entire drive (incl. all partitions) to a USB memory (at least 16GB) .
  7. I also used the tool to make boot media on another smaller USB stick.
  8. Thanks to the boot media I entered the software and managed to restore the working compute stick on to the npn working one.
  9. After this - I just rebooted and everything was working perfectly. (Don't forget to rename computer to avoid collision)

I will now evaluate the two sticks. I think whats making them break is 1) Windows Updates - that are apparently not supported, as well as 2) Unexpected shutdowns.

I will try to keep you posted if anything breaks again. Thanks/Jesper

Added info for solving some issues (2018-05-13):


One very important thing that I discovered recently was that it is very important what ampere your power adapter is giving as output. I found that if too low, the Intel compute stick were booting fine at first, but when loading high graphic content like the windows login screen, it would just shut down. Took me a while to connect this with the usb-adapter. I bought a bulk version of the stick so now cables or adapters were included.

Anyway, I found out that 1.5A should be sufficient to make it run, you can also try with higher outputs I guess if you get problems. Also, I was using a USB hub with one port with higher amp output, but when connecting other devices it amp would be distributed to the other ports, making the stick turn of. Hope this helps someone...

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