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Intel Compute stick (STCK1A32WFC) stopped working

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model STCK1A32WFC

Was using it in windows when suddenly the monitor lost video signal, compute stick fan was still running etc. Unplugged it. Now when i connect the power cable the blue light and usb mouse light blink twice and stay off. Press the power button nothing happens, hold power button for maybe 1-2sec the blue light on the stick and the mouse blink once and stays off. I tried 2 different 5V-2A adapters, 2 cables and still same thing.

I have no experience with Compute sticks so did it die or am i missing something...

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Hello WWrait,

Thank you for posting on the Intel* Community.

Unfortunately, this product is discontinued, Intel Customer Service no longer supports inquiries for it, but perhaps fellow community members have the knowledge to jump in and help. You may also find the Discontinued Products website helpful to address your request. Thank you for understanding.


Best regards,

Maria R.

Intel Customer Support Technician

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