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Hello. How can i install windows on Intel Stick - Intel Compute Stick STCK1A8LFC/ I would like to install Windows on memory card

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Do yourself a favor and don't.

Lots of reasons, really;

1) that bloated HOG they call windows, won't work so well with just 1 GB RAM you have on yours.

2) look around this forum, windows causes nothing but problems.

3) you would need to pay lots of $$ for a license.

4) you can do a LOT more with Linux on it.

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Hi sevberry,

Operating system needs to be installed on the eMMC memory, it is not possible to install the OS in the SD card ( at boot process the OS is not recognized). Your compute stick only has 8GB and 1GB of RAM.

Also, it is necessary to buy a Windows® 10 license.



Mike C
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Hi, mikec_intel

But i guess, can input the SD card with card-reader which will contain OS Windows.

Because without card reader Intel stick is just like Apple TV tuner, the device can connect TV via HDMI with Stick to watch movies online, thats it/... thats not computer)

At the same time there are problems with video - i connect Stick to TV - and the resolution on TV is very bad... and i cannot fix the problem. Ubuntu needs updates - but i dont have enough space for update...

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I agree with these guys, 1GB will make Win10 crawl. On a Minnowboad-max and Windows stick it is manageable.

Aside from getting the license, you need to play around the installation. I have not done this to my stick but this comes off my head:

1. Download uefi shell bootia32.efi and get a 32gb sd card.

2. Format the SD card to fat32. Copy the shell in SD:\EFI\BOOT\BOOTIA32.EFI.

3. Boot the stick and go to bios settings.

4. Change the boot order to sd card as first boot device.

5. Save and reboot. If it goes to the efi shell then that guarantees you can boot to SD card.

6. Put your installer on USB stick.

7. Boot to the USB stick. You should see the normally installation screen. Be careful to select the SD card as the media.

As I said these is just all in my head. Feel free to try it. But like the rest says you are better off with Ubuntu.

Maybe you can install Ubuntu 64 instead on the SD card.

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