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Location of UEFI image

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I have a Lenovo stick computer which has basically an identical board as the Intel Compute Stick. The only difference I am aware of is the UEFI.

My stick has the UEFI image on the first emmc boot partition (/dev/mmcblk0boot0). It's around 2.7MiB IIRC. So out of curiosity I would like to know whether the Intel stick puts the UEFI image on the emmc boot partition(s) as well. Apparently the emmc spec seems to limit the two boot partitions to 4MiB each, while the UEFI image of the Intel stick seems to be larger than 7MiB.

So is anyone kind enough to hexdump them to see if they are empty? (I really would like to ask someone to dd them and attach the two images in case they are not, but I am not sure if the UEFI image can be legally redistributed )

Also according to some of the articles from linuxium, it seems that the UEFI of the Intel stick is dual-arch (32 bit + 64 bit), since it can load the 64-bit grub efi. Is that true or did I misinterpret something? Since dual-arch UEFI seems to be quite rare (even rarer than 32-bit only ones).

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Hello tom.ty89,

Thank you for joining the Intel communities.

In this case the operating system will work with 32bit only and Ubuntu can work with 64Bit you can see it here:

About the UEFI image let me find out for you to see where the UEFI image is located on the Intel® Compute Stick.


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Hello Tom Yan,

I work for Intel Customer Support and I just wanted to let you know that we don't make UEFI images publicly available.


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Well the fact is I think you do anyway, since it's available as so called BIOS updates on the download center.

Anyway I never expected any Intel staff to participate in this thread since you don't really have obligation to answer questions in the original post.

Also this thread is more about the location of the image and if, it sits in both of the two eMMC boot partitions, how is it splited. So what I want is more of some technical details of the stick rather than the getting the UEFI image itself. However, again, I never expected Intel to reveal it. I have only intended to seek answers from the community since it can be easily revealed by an ICS owner with Linux, though I never have high hope as well since I don't think many would bother about it.