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More than 50% failure and replacement of Compute stick


Most of the failures are due to the instability of the WiFi and its inability to reconnect to hidden networks without intervention. However, the latest failure followed an OS upgrade which demanded Win 10; I should add that this device was stable and working fine.

The device popped up a screen asking for additional disk space, so I stuck in a USB drive. While watching the stick download and update, it chocked a few times then never came back. It's now stuck in a boot loop.

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What kind of stability issues you are experiencing with the Wi-Fi adapter?

It is important to be aware that the Wi-Fi adapter offered in these units is not as enhanced compared to the ones found in other computing solutions. The adapter in this Compute Stick is a Single Band Wireless –N module (802.11g/n) with Bluetooth 4.0 support. The connectivity interface is not based on mini-PCIe as most of Wi-Fi cards and it is soldered in the Stick board. It should be good enough for a stable home connection but for heavy traffic possibly it won't be the desired.

To improve the Wi-Fi experience with Intel® Compute Stick we recommend using an external USB Wi-Fi card.

In regards of internal space availability, the Windows based Compute Stick has an internal UEFI storage of 32GB which will be enough for the light Windows version included form factory. If you upgraded to Windows 10 and installed additional software the internal space eventually won't be enough so we encourage customers to use an SDcard to expand the internal storage. You can address any new software installation to the SDcard so the internal drive won't be used.

If your Compute Stick is not functional at the moment you can try to reset it to factory state. Please bear in mind that the unit will go back to the original Windows Bing version so any software installation or operating system upgrade needs to be performed again.

To reset the Compute Stick to factory state, see "Operating system recovery" in the following web document:


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