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Multiple TVs, each with individual Compute Stick, how to control them all at once?



We are going to have around 6 TVs, each with Intel Compute Stick with Windows 10 Home. (probably BOXSTK1AW32SC )

TVs would be placed in different rooms in our office and sticks would be connected to WiFi.

I'm going to use RDP to set them up. First time, I can do it 6 times, but then I would like to control them at once, e.g.:

- show the same website in chrome on all 6 TVs, or setup tabs rotation

- show the same photo/play video with sound on all 6 TVs,

- show the same PowerPoint presentation on all 6 TVs.

How can I do it, show the same thing on all 6 TVs at once?

As i would not like to open 6 RDP connections and then try to start 6 videos at the same time.

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That is a question for Microsoft. You should ask it in their Windows 10 forum.

You have to look at this in a more generic way. What you have is 6 computers, each with a monitor. That they are Compute Sticks with TV's is not relevant in this situation.

You may want to consider a startup script that is on a share that is accessed by all computers, or some local policy that is pushed, or a combination of both. Still, a Microsoft Windows issue.