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Possible to disable Windows Updates on a 1AW32SC and elect only to install security patches etc?


Hi, Just bought a 1AW32SC, DoM 01/2019. Ran through the set-up process -all good - and chucked a 512 GB micro SD that I had lying around into it. It sees the card fine, and has thus given me an additional 500GB of space 😊

Spent most of the evening downloading/installing all Windows 10 updates, the net result of which was a significantly slower stick with an ugly looking version of windows. I realise that space is the issue with these updates, the OS warned me of low space and asked me if I wanted to ditch the old Windows to free some storage space up. Nope, I rolled back to an earlier version, which has me happy again -looks nice and runs faster. Can I prevent Win10 from sucking through and installing all these updates again? I want the security patches, but not the 'enhanced Windows features' i.e. Edge updates etc. I remember Win 7 let you elect which updates to install or ditch?

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That is a windows question. Yes, you can disable updates, or prevent a specific update. Search the windows forum on Microsoft for solutions.