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Replacement power supply for m3/m5 compute sticks- in AUSTRALIA


I'm chasing a bunch of power supplies for the m3/m5 compute sticks. i need at least 6. I would prefer the intel ones with the usb ports, but i cant seem to find anywhere that sells them or even knows anything about them!

The US intel site shows them out of stock and has for many months- what gives! I'm in oz, and naturally everything costs a million dollars more than it should, but even so no one knows anything about anything CS related!

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Hello JanekSMC, Thank you for contacting our Intel® communities. In this case, our department is only in charge of technical issues. For this type of inquiries we strongly recommend you to access our click portal, found here: Also, if you do not have any luck there, feel free to visit your local Intel Authorized Distributors in order to verify the availability of the part: I hope this helps. Diego S. Intel (R) Customer Support Technician Under Contract to Intel (R) Corporation