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Running Intel's Compute Stick off of an external battery pack.


Hey there everyone,

I wanted to gather everyone's opinion on whether it is safe or not.

Currently at home I have a 20,000 mAh external battery pack that I will be taking on my trip. I am going to be bringing a usb hub, 5in backlit lcd, mouse,keyboard (compact), as well as other usb accessories.

I know that using too many may cause problems with the compute stick and running depending on the load of the cpu, because of the power lackluster power supply and the nature of the low power usage of the device.

So far I have been able to successfully run the device on the battery pack and lcd screen (using the 2.1a port for the compute stick and the 1.0a port for the lcd) while streaming videos online, as well as playing Diablo 2:LOD, off a usb drive, an older game but a little more intensive than streaming videos.

The only time I ran into an issue was when I was running all the said items (including a anker? wireless keyboad and mouse) while trying to play Diablo 3:ROS a much more intensive video game. Which caused the device to turn off immediately (crap my pants type of moment).

I am still trying to determine if this was heat related (as I had previous downloaded the newer patch and client that allows diablo to run, as it is an online-only game.) or if this was caused by a lack luster power supply. Additionally, it may be that the game is not meant to be run on 480x(notsure) screen resolution.

More testing will need to be done, but with the limited testing that I have done, it does seem safe to run the Compute stick off an external battery pack utilizing 2.1a draw port, I havent tried with the 1.0a port but my guess would be that it would either not boot/stick in bios/perform extremely slow.

I vaguely remember that the average draw of the stick is somewhere near 1.Xa increasing higher depending the load but I will need to double check that as well.

Any insight on whether this is a safe idea or otherwise will be greatly appreciated.



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Hi Brett, please check the following article: Intel® Compute Stick — Powering the Intel® Compute Stick via USB


Try setting the compute stick to "Performance" mode in the BIOS, just make sure your HUB is powered