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Standby on HDMI on/off and DirectX application running



After spending hours searching for the issue related tips I wanna ask Intel community for help.

I own Intel STCK1A32WFC with Windows 10 preinstalled. I had troubles updating Windows, factory reset, recovery not working,etc... most of these issues are well known and described here repeatedly.

Eventually I did fresh installation of Windows 10 with latest updates. Most of applications work well and I should be happy with that but one problem persists from the very beginning of Intel CS ownership.

I have CS connected to HDMI KVM switch and it performs as expected when HDMI gets disconnected and reconnects again. Video playback, desktop applications run with no probs.

But when I start DirectX apllication (some games) and switch HDMI to other port while this application running, CS goes to hibernate/sleep and shows black screen when I switch HDMI back.

I assume it's a sort of hibernate/standby because blue light keeps on, although wi-fi disconnects.

In this state I can't awake the stick by keyboard or button, only reset then.

What I did is changed registry CsEnabled from 1 to 0, got Intel graphics drivers updated to latest, changed power options to performance/never sleep any place I found (even in BIOS), got BIOS updated as well, even swapped power brick and cables as inadequate power suspected. The issue persists.

Greatfully beg you for some pieces of advice!

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Hello gprst,

Thank you for joining the Intel communities.

I honestly have not seen this issue before with the Intel® compute stick, what I can recommend at this point is to access the BIOS and under configuration set the power mode to performance and set the power state to always on.

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Hi Ivan,

This is what I did at first. I also found this was probably the application related problem, as not every game affected.

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Just in case- have you try with different HDMI cable, High quality cable?

Try contacting the game manufacturer for further assistance, maybe they have seen issues like this before and they could provide you with some assistance.