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The 2 USB 3.0 ports on the STK2M364CC (non-Windows supplied version) compute stick power supply are not working (Similar to JPatt3).


I am running a M3 STK2M364CC compute stick and can not get the usb ports on the power brick to register. I have updated the BIOS as of 3/29/2019 and it did not change anything. Does anyone know if there is a problem with the power bricks or if there is some setting or driver that must be installed for the ports to work? I am also running Linux Mint 19, but it should not matter because i could not get a boot usb to work when I was trying to install an OS. My keyboard did also not register when I was trying to get into the BIOS from a boot. Please provide any comments you may have, otherwise I wont have a choice, but to add a usb hub to get the extra ports I need. I was counting on the Power Brick ports to work for my peripherals.


Thank you.

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Linux is not supported on your stick:


I suggest you use windows, or go to the linux community for support.





Linux works great supported or not. It turned out to be a bad defective power supply diagnosed by plugging a USB hub into the ports and finding there was not power coming through. Intel is sending me a new one.

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Despite the fact that they use micro USB connectors, the ports used to connect the ICS to the PSU are NOT USB ports and do not follow the pinouts for USB. It is thus very important to use the supplied​ cable to connect the two together.

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