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Touch Screen with Intel's ComputeStick w/ Windows 8.1


Hey guys,

I am putting together a little to-go box for trips that allows plug and play with the compute stick. I recently purchased it with Windows 8.1.

I have put together a little package including: (this is mainly for a small to-go box I can basically plug'n'play with the compute stick)

A usb dock, keyboard, mouse, and 20000mAh battery pack to power the screen and compute stick.

My question: Is there anyway to get this specific screen and its touchscreen capability to work with the windows 8.1?

As of right now, it works and powers up and displays fine, just no touchscreen capability.

Any help or information on where I might find out how to do this is greatly appreciated.


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I don't know what your touch screen is but any I have in use require a usb connection between the computer and the monitor

Hope this helps

Community Manager

Sadly the website says it doesn't support touch input for computers. I'm running a GeChic 15021 touchscreen from On Lap and while the touch screen doesn't work on my android phone it works great with the compute stick. In both our cases we would have to write drivers (android in my case and windows for your case).


Hello barreinhard,

The type of device that you are using does not seem to be part of the tested peripherals list that we handle, so the functionality may not be as you desired because Intel has not tested that device you have. Now, most of those type of devices require an additional driver to enable the touch capability so you may consider contacting the manufacturer of that display module so they can tell you if the Compute Stick is compatible and if they provide drivers for you to use it. Below is the link with their contact information:

If you need more assistance please let us know.

Best regards,