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Unable to enter F2 Setup up or F7 BIOS Update on start-up


Recently purchased a STCK1A32WFC with W8.1 and Bing. Unable to enter F2 Setup or any Menu Function as offered on initial screen while Windows is loading. I am using a USB 2.0 Powered Hub with wired keyboard and mouse. I believe problem may be related to the USB Port Driver in the BIOS. None of the 4 offered Function keys seem to work. Would appreciate any suggestions.

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I am using the supplied Power Supply for the STICK AND the Supplied Power Supply for the USB Hub. I have the STICK plugged into the HDMI port on an HP Monitor. The STICK loads Windows and runs OK with the Wired Keyboard and Mouse plugged into the HUB. Am going to client's home and will try it there to see if there is anything different.