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Unable to fix my bricked Intel Stick (Warranty Center seems broken)


My stick died at the end of December. I've tried everything to fix the thing, but nothing seems to help.

So I opened a case and got my "Intel Customer Support Service Request Management request # " and support sent me an email saying they updated my ticket. However I have no way of checking it. When I go to the link they sent me "" it ask for my email and then only allows me to make a new ticket.

So anyone have a link to where I can check my ticket? I opened another ticket but I have yet to hear back about that one. I have yet to see live chat open yet.

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I had the same problem with the customer support site. It never sent me the email to create the account. I later found out I already had an Intel account with the email I used and that might have been why I never got the support account registration.

It is not clear which compute stick you are using. Do you want to recover data on your compute stick or be able to get it working without the need to recover any data off the device?

I have the Windows Compute Stick and when I bricked it attempting to upgrade Windows 10 November update you need the following.

1. A powered USB hub connected to the compute stick

2. A usb keyboard connected to the usb hub.

3. A usb mouse connected to the usb hub.

4. The compute stick connected to a monitor or TV.

5. Remove any SD cards in the Compute Stick.

If you have Windows version to install Windows 10 you must create an installation on a usb thumb drive. Microsoft has tools to help create this. Basically it is just formatting the usb stick to fat32 and copy the Windows 10 ISO data onto the drive. With an unbootable device the Windows 10 that is able to be installed as a clean installation is an original RTM or one that was released before the November updates. There are instructions in the threads on loading the drivers during the partitioning screen of the installation. Note, if you download the Windows 10 that is based upon the November update you will need to jump to this thread for some tips to get it installed. A clean install from Windows 10 November is not easy and best to attempt with a previous Windows 10 version.

When the compute stick is turned off get the usb and the windows usb stick all plugged into the USB hub. When the compute stick boots you should see the list of options like F10 to select the boot options. Do this and select the USB stick which in some cases might be the only thing available. If you have altered your BIOS settings you may need to check some of the BIOS settings. I don't have mine handy to provide what to look for.

I understand there are details omitted but the actual how to fix your device depends upon the actual state of your stick and what type it is and what you want to do with any data that might be recoverable. I added a quick set of tips for installing windows if by chance it is.

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Thank you for joining the Intel communities.

Usually when ask for your email type it in and then click next then you will need to sign in for you to access the web ticket.

Does your Intel® Compute Stick stop working after a Windows update or did you try upgrading from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10?

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