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Unable to install GFX driver in fresh windows 10 install


Hi Guys,

There is a similar thread to this, however my problem is a bit different.

I was unable to complete the Win8.1 setup, the device kept rebooting during setup, so I decided to go for a fresh Windows 10 install. I managed this successfully, and with the help of this forum managed to install the missing drivers (mainly from the MRD7 driver pack).

The problem I have is that a generic MS gfx driver is installed. When I try to update the driver (using update driver, rather than trying to install the software..which fails) The driver starts to install, and then the stick switches off.

I then switch the device back on, and the driver reverts back to the generic MS one.

I have tried the Windows 10 driver, the MRD7 win 10 driver, and the original win8.1 driver.

The device manager is showing as everything installed correctly, no unknown devices or exclamation marks.

Does anyone have any more thoughts on what I can try?

Thanks, Stephen

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