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Win 10 Chrome/firefox youtube video lag


I have upgrade the Compute Stick to Win 10 with all bios ,drivers/firmware updated. When playing youtube 1080p video on Edge browser is smooth and cpu loading is low as around 20%, but playing youtube video on either Chrom/firegox/Opera is LAG even it is 720p or lower resolution videos. The CPU would go up to 100%. Would it be the driver not compatible with these browsers? Any solution?

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Hello Ronaldlee,

I performed a lab under these circumstances and there was not lagging; however, I noticed that the CPU Usage went up in Opera,Google Chrome and Firefox up to 100% and like you mention the CPU Usage in Microsoft Edge stayed around 20%. Base on your case I performed a research and I found some helpful links: Firefox uses too many CPU resources - How to fix | Firefox Help How to Fix High CPU Usage in Google Chrome |

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Hope that helps.




Dear Amy,

Thank you for your information. With further testing, I can play youtube 4k video on Edge browser with no frames dropped but sure not on others browsers.


I think that the reason of high CPU loading on the other browsers is that the video decoding are processed by CPU instead of "GPU-accelerated decoding". When CPU usage go up to 100% in Opera,Google Chrome and Firefox, the CPU processing power is not enough and therefore video playing have frames dropped and result lag.

Hope that there will be new drivers come out soon for adding support for other browsers video decoding with GPU.


Ronald LEE