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installing/reinstalling windows 10 , 32 bit with hdmi device in compute stick


mam/sir, can you help me in installing/reinstalling my intel compute stick model no. PSOIF, sn no. NA9148640400QUG, date manufactured, 01-2016. my compute stick is

windows 10 home. it was 1 year ago when my compute stick regularly open normal. but one month (july), it does open and only restart and restart showing the resolution and a note 'not external device connected', there is no boot manager, file manager appearing in my television. I usually insert the copute stick at the back of my sony television on an HDMI device too,. please help me restore or reset my windows 10 home in my intel compute stick.

many thank you

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Based upon the information provided, this is not an Intel-branded Compute Stick; it is a clone device released by some other manufacturer. You will need to contact this manufacturer for information on the Windows 10 recovery capabilities they have built into this stick.

As a hint, if they have included the normal Windows 10 support capabilities, there should be a hotkey that you can use during system boot that will invoke the Windows 10 reset/recovery support...

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Oops, forgot to mention, F8 is the typical key assigned to the activation of the Windows 10 reset/recovery capability. Reset your stick and try hitting F8 at the splash screen...