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wireless drivers do not work after win 10 upgrade


Hi All, I have upgraded the compute stick to win 10 as per the guide. everything works except the wireless network. I have installed the win 10 drivers from the download site, with errors every time. I have also tried in desperation the win 8.1 drivers. also with the same error. It just will not accept the drivers for the wireless at all.

Does anyone have any ideas.

I have setting computers up for a good many years and never had an issue with drivers like this, so any help would be really appreciated

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What errors are you getting? You should be able to run the Windows 10 and Windows 8.1 drivers without issues.

I have both Bluetooth and Wireless installed properly. However, they don't work at the same time. As soon as you turn the Bluetooth on the wireless slows down to a crawl. I solved this with a USB Bluetooth dongle.


The error I received was a standard win 10 error "something has gone wrong" type error. Running the driver install package didn't resolve it, nor did using device manager to update the drivers directly.

I did find the answer, With megacrazy, saying that he did get them to work on his. I went searching again, and this time I completely uninstalled the drivers for the WIFI, then re-ran the device driver package and 2 restarts later everything was fine. When I looked at the error (which didn't have an error code either) it looked like some of the other standard win 10 errors and with you saying that you had them working I knew it would not be the drivers anymore, but instead an actually windows issue.

Best way to solve all windows issue is a blank install, so a quick uninstall of the drivers and reinstall and it worked. Thank you megacrazy, you gave me just the right info for me to fix it.