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60 second wait in BIOS on D2700MUD with USB-HDD

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I have a D2700MUD board with SSD boot-drive and USB-HDD permanently attached. Sometimes I want to boot from a USB-ODD.

The boot takes 60 seconds, during which time the keyboard is inactive. I think it is probably waiting for an optical drive to show up.

So I into the boot menu and I would like to switch off booting from USB, but I can't because I would then be unable to boot from USB-ODD.

Reasoning something must be wrong with the BIOS logic, I searched for a BIOS update and found one - version 74.

Flashing the BIOS was easier than registering for this forum and finding the New Thread button.

But it still takes 60 seconds, and trying to hit F2 in the 1 second time-slice available is most frustrating.

Is the wording wrong in the Boot screen? Is a USB-ODD a USB device or an optical device ?

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Hello Dave,

The issue you are experiencing could be related to the USB ODD directly. Our recommendation is testing with a different device to narrow the issue. The optical drive will be recognized as an USB device by the motherboard BIOS.



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I don't have an alternative device except for an IDE ODD and the motherboard has no IDE header for that.

With a bootable DVD in the device it works correctly.

With the device plugged in but empty, the pause is 15 seconds - still way too slow.

Why should deciding what to boot take longer than the boot and winload itself?

Maybe the USB-HDD (multi-partitioned) is slowing things down.

I never want to boot from that, but there are no bios settings to avoid USB-HDD and still be able to access USB-ODD.

This is a stuff-up.