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7870 and i7 HD4000 - fatal driver conflict - want to use Lucid Virtu MVP



(I think) I have fatal driver conflict between 7870 and I7 3770 integrated graphics. I want to enable both to be able to use Lucid Virtu MVP in -d mode.

I can't seem to have both drivers installed and both devices enabled, as it causes immediate system crash.


If I set the integrated GPU to be the primary (in bios), the system is able to boot, but Catalyst control centre keeps yelling at me... Also, this setting is good if I want the Lucid Virtu -i option, which saves power consumption. I'd like the -d option, which improves performance, and for that to work, I'd need to set the discrete GPU to be the primary. Or am I wrong here?

What happened:

New system, clean windows install. Gigabyte Radeon 7870's driver was installed. When I have enabled the integrated GPU in the bios, Windows tried installing, and gave an error. It said something about an unsigned or corrupted driver.

After many hours and restarts, some BSODs etc, I found that setting the integrated HD4000 as primary in the bios and disabling 7870 in device manager, I was able to install the driver. After having both drivers properly installed, if I enabled both devices in Wondows Device manager, Windows immediately crashed with a BSOD. After that, Windows couldn't start (PC autorestart after windows logo, before Welcome screen).

Safe mode worked fine, and if I disabled integrated GPU in device manager, PC worked fine (no safe mode needed any more). As soon as I enabled the integrated GPU from device manager, I got BSOD.

Both drivers are the latest from manufacturer's website.

Do I have a chance of using Lucid Virtu, or these graphics hardware will never be able to play nice and work together? Do I even need to install the driver for the integrated GPU to use Lucid Virtu?

Thanks for the help!


Win7 64 Ultimate

i7 3770

Intel DH77EB mobo

Gigabyte 7870 OC (GV-R787OC-2GD)

FSP Raider 650W


Samsung 120GB SSD

Some 1 TB Hdd

Some DVD thingie

Cooler Master HAF 912 case

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Both drivers, from the Intel® HD Graphics and the third party video card need to be installed.

One thing I am curious about is, what is the version of Lucid Virtu that you are testing with?

Also, what video ports in the system are you using?

Keep in mind that the display/monitors need to be connected to either the integrated video ports or the ports in the video card, one or the other depending or the mode being used (i or d-mode), not on both.

To use Lucid VIRTU solution in d-Mode, display must be connected to discrete GPU installed in the system.

To use Lucid VIRTU solution in i-Mode, display must be always connected to motherboard video ports.

GPU drivers must be installed prior to Lucid VIRTU installation