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Access to DQ77KB older BIOS Versions


If you search through recent threads for the DQ77KB, you'll probably see reported some bugs when updating to recent versions of the BIOS. In my case version 61.


I'm posting here in the hope that someone from Intel might see this, however I do see that this forum section only seems to be peer-to-peer support, so who knows.


Anyway, foolishly, I updated to version 61 from 58 because I wanted a more secure system with the included microcode updates. Stupid me for wanting to be more secure.


The point I am getting at is that Intel no longer support these boards which is fine, but they do offer the downloads for these boards, which is nice, but what isn't nice is to offer a version of BIOS that has bugs, and no longer list the older versions to downgrade to.


It seems that by reading the recent threads, downgrading to 58 seems to fix the bugs 61 introduces (missing LAN port, power LED off, chassis intrusion error on every boot etc.). I guess that the Management Engine update from 59 onwards causes these bugs.


Don't worry, I have tried everything. Flashing in recovery mode, adjusting the jumper to the various positions to enter modes for restoring defaults, remove the CMOS battery for an extended period of time, but none of these fix my issues.


I did contact Intel support via telephone which turned into an email support ticket, which then turned into a hand washing exercise because of the fact the board isn't supported anymore (I get this).


What I would like is simply access to version 58 of the BIOS again, so that I can downgrade.

ASUS for example still list many older versions of BIOS for many old legacy boards of theirs. They are what, 16MB max in size? Wow that is a lot of storage space on their servers...


No, I am not comfortable hunting for this BIOS update from third-party websites, as I am very cautious of modifications to such software.

I would settle for a checksum of version 58 from an Intel employee, but then they might as well give me access to the file.


I also get that by offering older BIOS versions they perhaps will end up having to offer support for these, but then I guess they won't as they don't offer support for the latest version anyway. A simple disclaimer would suffice.


In terms of the update that is still available (61), it does not offer any special instructions for this update which again is poor. I am guessing that I probably had to run the Management Engine update first within Windows (which is also inconvenient as I use Linux on this board... perhaps offer a DOS bootable tool?). Then apply the BIOS update? Who knows?


That was my rant, so now, your turn Intel?


Honestly, I love this board, I have no issues with it, and it was in a nice operational state until this poor update. It's quite sad really.

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It is not an issue of storage for the older bios files, it is an issue of these boards/products being discontinued. As you know, your board is from 2012 and no longer supported.


I am not disagreeing with you. I have older products as well and no longer have access to the older files. The same is true with Microsoft, where many of the older downloads are now gone.


And, I do agree with you that downloading from some other source on the net is a bad thing.


Maybe the intel folks will review this and restore 0058.





This is the issue I was addressing in my earlier post re the DXZ79SRE, although I am also currently running the DQ77KB and the DQ77MK, both excellent boards. People and Entities will use Intel product for years beyond what Intel deems their useful life. Intel is a business, they have to make money and keep investors happy. otherwise there will be no Intel. Intel has an incentive to move us to new technology. However some of us have Cadillac Ideas on a Volkswagon budget, That's why we run older hardware until it dies. Which Intel Processors rarely ever die! They are just built too well! But try to find a decent x79 LGA2011-0 motherboard these days! China is filling the gap by making BETTER versions of the x79, probably don't pay ANY royalties, and sells them to us. You think getting drovers for a DQ77MK is hard, buy a Chinese board!


If Intel were smart,m they would see there are all these old server processors on the secondary market, where Intel makes $0, I'm not going to buy a #3,000 processor, I can't. Intel will never be able to make that sale. But they could update and fix old designs, maybe even contract it out! Intel will make money on chipsets, Which is more than nothing! If I had the money I would start a company to support old server processors!


I save all my drivers and things, I have looked and I have BIOS files for thew MK , but for some reason lost BIOS updates for the KB< which gas been running my HTPC for years reliably! Wish I could help, if you need drivers I have thoise. I doubt the MK BIOS files would work for you, the MK ios DDR# Desktop, the KB is SODIMM, quite different boards.



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@DoinStuff​ So now you are trolling for older threads to try and make your case?


I have old cars, and vintage audio equipment. I would really like to see the manufacturers support these old items. But, they do not. Do you realize how much time, money, and people are required to support "old", discontinued items? Companies have to make money, technology moves on, and users have to adapt.


How many times have you replaced your cell phone in the past7 years?