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Ajuda Placa Mãe Não da Video Com VGA


placa mãe da 1 bipe curto quando coloco a placa de vídeo GTX 1050TI ela da imagem mas não dai da tela da bios e quando retiro a GTX ela liga normalmente ja testei com outras placas e funcionou normal e a GTX também funcionou em outros desktops

Minha Configuração

Placa mãe - Intel DB75EN

Processador - Intel Core I5 3330

8 Gb De Memoria RAM trabalhando em dual channel

fonte 500w 80plus

1 HD 1TB

Sera que a bios esta desatualizada? se atualizar resolve?

motherboard of 1 short beep when I put the video card GTX 1050TI it of the image but it does not give of the screen of the bios and when I retire the GTX it connects normally already I tested with other plate and it worked normal and the GTX also worked in other desktops

My Settings

Motherboard - Intel DB75EN

Processor - Intel Core I5 3330

8 GB RAM memory working on dual channel

500w 80plus power supply

1 HD 1TB

Is the bios outdated? if updating resolves?

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Please answer these questions:

  1. What is complete identification string for the graphics card? What manufacturer? What version?
  2. What version of the BIOS do you have installed on the DB75EN board? Hint: the latest available version is BIOS 46 (ENB7510H.86A.0046.2013.0704.1354).
  3. Do you have UEFI enabled in the BIOS? If not, please try with it enabled.