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Almost no volume

I have a DH55TC motherboard, a 6/14/2010 BIOS, and Windows 7 64bit.

Right out of the box the audio is barely audible. I have installed the latest drivers, and followed the on line help steps to set the volume levels and have found no solution.

I am just using some plain old speakers and have even tried headphones and nothing is loud enough for normal use.

What have I missed? A Bios update??

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Community Manager


Here are our recommendations for this low volume issue:

1. We recommend using self-powered and shielded speakers, to avoid any kind of interference with any electrical source that could be near the speakers.


2. Ensure Windows* settings are properly arranged in the audio options. Check device manager for any conflicts.

3. Take the board out of the chassis to avoid any kind of grounding issue, if there is some grounding with the computer case you can have this kind of problem.

4. Check each audio jack one at a time, maybe something in the software configuration could be causing the problem.

5. Ensure you have followed a clean installation of the Operating System using the latest drivers from our website:

6. If the issue still persists, update your motherboard BIOS:

Instructions for the different BIOS update methods can be found here:

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