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Atom D2700MUD GPU compatibility and power

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Being somewhat a novice, I was wondering if I could use a graphics card that is PCIe v2.1 x 16 with the Atom D2700MUD motherboard? Most cards on the market seem to be v2.1 or above...

Secondly, most cards seems to require at least a 400Watt power this going to be an issue for the Motherboard?

Perhaps someone could recommend an HD card that is compatible with this motherboard and a 200W power supply I currently have? I would like full 1080p resolution & an HDMI connector to my flat screen TV and experience no choppy visual results. The onboard DVI outputs less than 1080p according to specs.

Whatever information someone can help me with please...


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I not see a compatible PCI-E slot on Intel® Desktop Board D2700MUD Interactive Layout for videoboard. Conventional PCI cards are present on market, but made unofficially from GPU makers via third-party 'bridge' chips and usually are crap. Conventional PCI bus bandwidth also is too low for HD movies.

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Hello Tony,

the new Intel Atom processor have integrated video (GMA3650) that are capable of Full HD (h264 and vc1) with hardware decode, but only in Microsoft Windows (32 bit) due for missing driver for other OS.

I use XBMC video player with DXVA activated and decode full HD video in excellent way (used CPU is only max 10 - 15%). My mb is DN2800MT, but yours should have same video part inside and you should obtain same result.

For HDMI connectivity you can use DVI to HDMI adapter that don't have big costs.