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Audio clicks / glitches


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Nice to meet you, my name is Kevin. My apologies if the question is under the wrong location, i just dont know where this problem needs to be categorised. 

Im having a bit of an issue with my pc the last 3 weeks and i cant seem to resolve my problem. Ive tried everything and at this point im thinking about just buying a new MoBo and hoping this will fix my issue. 

So the issue that i have is that my pc has been acting strange in the past few weeks. About 3 months ago i built my PC for audio production. In the first 2 months everything worked fine. About 3 weeks ago i suddenly got weird performance spikes inside of Ableton Live. The processing power would somehow just spike up to 80 percent before just going back down. This caused massive distortion inside the sound it was producing. When i checked my cpu, ram and storage usage it would state it barely even touched 2% of its capabilities. What i did then was try to rebuild my PC and do a fresh install of windows. This solved that issue, however it also had arisen a new issue, severe audio clicks when stopping or resuming audio. These clicks are especially noticable when a song goes from a busy part to a breakdown or when i make audio that has a lot of reverb and delay effects. (when audio keeps playing non stop it sounds a bit crackly but the click is really loud and especially present with the pausing or resuming of audio)

At first i thought it was a bad audio interface, but the problem also persists when using onboard audio or via my hdmi. I tried doing a clean install of windows multiple times. I tried different builds of windows, all with the newest drivers of my Asus z490m plus motherboard. Nothing seems to solve my problem. 

In the past 3 weeks ive been searching all forums and tried all the sollutions microsoft, focusrite and sweetwater advised me. I have run latencymon a few times, with it only stating a latency issue one of the times. The latency issue reported was the ACPI.sys. With some troubleshooting i found out that had to do with power management settings, mostly common on a laptop, however im using a desktop. Then after a lot of research i keep comming back to the fact that it is an latency issue. Now since i cant seem to figure out how to try any change with ACPI, i feel like im forced to my last 2 options. Its either replacing the motherboard, hoping this fixes the latency issue, or that there is a chance that Intel RST is causing some sort of issue. I tried disabling rst, but that just caused a endless bootloop. Then i saw that i might have better luck with different RST drivers, but there is so much info that i got stuck after trying 3 different versions with no luck. 


List of sollutions i tried. 

-Optimizing windows for audio. 

-Changing the power settings to high performance. 

-Disabling c-states and other power management options like usbpower management, SSD management, idletimeouttimers etc.

-Setting usb exclusivity mode to off and processor to also be able to do background processing. 

- Turn off all windows sound enhancement and effects. 

-Updating all drivers and bios. (ive tried it manually with no luck, ive tried the asus updater without any luck, i tried the intel driver assistant with no luck and if tried all of these combined without any luck. Everything says that my pc has the latest and best functioning drivers)

-Turning off networkcard, gpu, sounddrivers etc. to see if any of these devices caused interference and cause latency. 

Somehow nothing seems to work for me and im getting kind of desperate. It has to be that something isnt playing nice, but i cant find out what is not playing nice. 

Please if anyone could help me, im really getting desperate and tired of this issue. I cant produce any music at the moment and i cant seem to figure it out on my own by troubleshooting for hours on end. 


My system specs are the following: 

win10 64bit, version 2009, 10.0.19042.

intel 10600k 

Asus prime z490m-plus (bios A.M. 1208, smbios 3.2)

Corsair vengeance lpx 3200, 2x16gb ddr4. 

Samsung NVMe SSD 970. 

Crucial MX500 2tb SSD

GeForce RTX 2060. (latest oktober driver)


XMP is enabled, but when its disabled the issue also persists. 


Does anyone have a sollution or can anyone help me? Im looking forward to any response.  





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I have exactly the same problem.

I have Lenovo G510. I changed my Hdd drive by crucial MX500 1 To. Everything was right except these audio clicks. I tried almost everything in vain. When I put back my HDD drive, the sound is back to normal.

The problem has something to do with windows 10 and the ssd disk.

Please give the solution if you find something. I'll do same.