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Audio doesn't work


I just replaced a Gigabyte motherboard that died with an Intel DH6GD. Obsolete, but new and with the same specs as the Gigabyte that worked fine until it died. But no support!

At first I had headphones plugged into the center channel socket of the back panel and got decent sound. However, I needed speaker sound, so I unplugged the headphones and got no audio from the speakers. I plugged the headphones into the front panel and got no sound through that either.

So I examined Control Panel/Sound and found a number of speakers listed. The status of most was "Not Plugged In". Some were "Ready" but none produced any sound except "BX-24L230A12". The problem was that the audio output at top volume was barely audible. There was a listing for Headpones but its status was "Not plugged in", even when they were firmly plugged in. The Digital Audio (HDMI) showd "Not plugged in" even though the monitor is connected via HDMI

Checking the "Installing and Replacing" guide indicated that I should have installed the Realtek drivers, so I did that.

I now have a Control Panel option for Realtek Audio Manager that doesn't allow me to do anything as far as I can find.

Control Panel/Sound now shows some different speaker listings including three Realtek ones all of them "ready", but none produce any sound. Except "BX-24L230A12" which is still there and does produce the same barely audible sound through the built in speakers. Also, the Digital Audio (HDMI) still shows "Not plugged in". And now there isn't even a listing for Headphones.

And nothing, neither front or back drives the headphones now.

One thought I have is that looking at the "Installing and Replacing guide seems to indicate that I have a choice whether to use HD Audio or AC97 Audio which have different pin assignments. The front panel connectors that I have terminate in one fixed block, so there is no choice about the pin assignments I can use and I have no idea which of the two kinds of audio is being defaulted to anyway


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