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BIOS 0038 DZ68BC ? Does It Fix Anything?

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Several people with the DZ68BC have been experiencing problems with BIOSes 0035, 0036 & 0037. I know most of the DZ68BC owners already know that there is a BIOS 0038 since September 13, 2012 but it has not been released yet and we dont know why? but we need a FIX INTEL if BIOS 0038 fixes the problems then release it already or give as another BIOS version maybe 0039 or probably VISUAL BIOS 0040. All i know is we need the DZ68BC free from problems.

Prof that BIOS 0038 exists in the PDF document below

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Hello stephenb.b.r:

We would like to inform you that we don't handle any information on unreleased products or technologies due to corporate policies. We can tell that the new BIOS update will have proper release notes stating what fixes it brings as previous BIOS versions in the past. We will forward your inquiry for future consideration and we appreciate the feedback you have provided on this matter.

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Hopefully they take the information below into consideration

Regarding BIOS 0035,0036,0037 and Intel ME & PCH Issue

- 0035 Overclock Issue, Intel ME & PCH Issues

- 0036 Intel ME, PCH Issues & DVI-I Digital does Not work Analog Works.

- 0037 Intel ME, PCH Issues & HDMI, DVI-I/D, Display Port (IGP) Does Not work, Graphics Card Required to use board

So I have noticed a code while examining the above BIOSes,

Code 49 (Not listed in the Post Code Booklet)

- If Code 49 appears on cold boot, start up or restart - then Intel ME & PCH show & 0 respectively in other words they will not work, machine will boot up but with the issues present.

- If Code 49 does not appear on cold boot, start up or restart then the motherboard will function with no Intel ME or PCH issue (Issues will disappear)

So i think the BIOS team should check what this code 49 is and get rid if it.

I tried the Intel Chart and got an agent who dint know anything about the DZ68BC issues with 0035,0036,0037 BIOSes, this is why i post here, for everyone to see.

So Code 49 removal might mean Intel Me & PCH issues will be resolved

Code 49 May Mean "Load Microcode If Necessary" this is according to some info in the technical document.

Intel Rep Or BIOS team please check this out.