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BIOS 0152 on DH87MC

Hi Team,

Small problem relating to updating BIOS on DH87MC to version 0152.

Since update I am getting warnings about Memory temperature exceeding its maximum recommended temperatue and showning a temp of 79 degrees C.

This is causing the CPU fan to increase its speed and is making the system noisy. No other changes to system and I am using approved memory.

This problem did not exist in BIOS 0147.

When I touch the simms they are cold - surely if they were 79 degrees as desktop utilities monitor suggests I would burn my fingers or at least feel some heat.

In the 0152 BIOS readme there is the following "fix" listed:-

Fixed issue in Intel® Desktop Utilities with inaccurate VR and


memory temperature readings.


Does this mean that I have had memory temperatures too high for a long time and now the new BIOS recognises the fact or is the new BIOS giving false readings?

Any advise greatfully received - I've worked hard to build a silent PC and it's no longer silent.

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Hello Aybracers, we are working on a new BIOS in order to fix this behavior. For additional information please check the following threads /thread/47057 and /thread/45877

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