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**BIOS release - DZ87KLT-75K HDMI Audio Issue Resolved **


We have released a new BIOS update for the DZ87KLT-75K. This updated BIOS includes the fix for the issue of HDMI Display Audio Loss for these boards. If you are having experienced this issue and have this board please follow the below link to download the updated BIOS.

If you have any issues with this newly released BIOS please post them here to this thread. If you are experiencing other issues not specifically related to this BIOS release, please post them in a different thread. DZ87KLT-75K Bios Download

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Just upgraded to this BIOS now - and bricked my board. No beeps, no display output no nothing after powering on. Lights are on but no-one is home...

The Post Code on the board is 00 92.

About to start by resetting the CMOS and then failing that, emergency recovering back to version 0446 - the last version which booted for me.

Edit/Update1 : Seems the problem relates to video output. I've tried two EFI cards and both fail to give any output.. Without either installed and with no other changes, the onboard VGA displays and the machine boots normally.

Edit/Update2: Managed to get the rig working again. After much pulling of cards, testing and rebooting I managed to get it to work by moving the Sounblaster ZxR card out of the PCIE-Secondary slot and into another spare slot next to it. Not sure why it has suddenly become a problem - but nevertheless, things are working again now.

The good news is that my 16G of memory is running at 2100MHz now - great! Much better than the "auto" memory speed setting which was choosing 1300 MHz.