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Best CPU Motherboard combination and Ram for under $250-$300 or RS 12500-15000


Just when I was planning to put graphic card on my old 845 motherboard, it got crashed or shortcuited due to power spike. Now the processor fan will run only when all the peripherals are disconnected otherwise it will shutdown in few seconds. The bios doesn't show at all.

I had resisted an upgrade for quite some time and was waiting for the i5 and i7 and 45nm technology to become cheap so that I could create a PC with longer life. But now since diagonistic and repair of my Old PC seems to be lesser worth than upgrade I want your help to get a good value for money PC.

This is what I already have from the old 845 system:

Monitor: 22" Samsung LCD screen.

Intel P4 2GH

1.2 GB RAM

Hard drive:

40 GB 7200 RPM segate baracuda

160 GB 7200 samsung

320 GB USB drive

100 GB USB drive

DVD Drives:

Sony DVD Combo

LG DVD writer

Here is what I am looking for: (Budget 12K-15K)

Cabinet: perferable with powersupply

Motherboard--to support future technology, and built-in Graphic card to play most of hi res XVid formats

Processor--a decent processor which can utilize most of the mobo specifics mentined above

Ram-- 2GB DDR 2 or DDR 3 same consideration as processor

Power supply--Decent PS to support 1) future additional graphic card if I plan to upgrade, 2) to support 2 USB hard drives, 3) upto 3 internal harddrive USB mouse, USB camera and DVD writer

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Community Manager

Hi, first of all have you got anotehr PSU to test your old system? it might fix it.

Other than that are you saying oyu want another p4 system? or any?

Have you seen anything you like?can you give any examples?

I eman it does kinda of sound like you are asking us to do the legwork and research to find the best priced components. I mean it seems like you know a thing or two about computers so you could look your self. Or have i missed something?

Other than that if you want an i5/i7 system for under $200 i dont think you are going to get it. IF you want a core 2 system you probably could...kinda need to know a bit more. are the HDD sata or ide?

"Motherboard--to support future technology," can surely only mean i5/i7?as the core 2s are on the wayout...

If you could give a bit more info....

Community Manager

Cpt.Dogfruit, Thanks for your suggestion, I would really try changing PSU this weekend.

Here is what I am looking for, Spending only $250-$300 and new working PC prettey decently for now to just watch some hi-res Xvid movies, I can certainly build over a period. My focus is a good motherboard.

I can use my old P4 processor if the motherboard supports.(and old SD ram if New motherboard suports, I know it will not)

But I want the best in the motherboard with all future technology support(like i7, DD3, USB 3, nm45) , so that it gives me longest lifespan for upgrade. I saw some of the motherboard for i7, they mention onyly (i5 and i7) but they do not mention p4 support, so I thought they will actually not support P4.

My internal disk are IDE, I could use converters if they are available to save some cost on that front.