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Best way to migrate from RAID1 to RAID10?



My system is a Dell XPS 8500, Windows 7 Home Premium 64, Intel chipset

I successfully used the Intel Rapid Storage Technology utility to migrate from a single standard hard disk to hardware RAID1...twin 1TB drives.

My initial goal was to set up a second RAID1 array with another pair of 1TB drives, but I'm thinking now that I'd rather use all four to create a RAID10 setup. My understanding is that I will get better performance for recording/sequencing audio with RAID10.

From the manual[1] I read that migration from RAID1 to RAID10 was not supported. I'm wondering what my options are now.

I created a backup image before and after the RAID1 migration. I would ideally use one of them (if necessary) so I don't have to reinstall everything, but I'd probably need guidance. I've performed dozens of scratch reimages from install disc, but never from a backup image. I'm also new to RAID installs, so I'm not sure what the caveats are in this situation.

What is the best way to do this? Thanks

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The easiest and the accurate way to build a RAID 10 from a RAID 1 will be creating an image of the whole hard drive and save it on an external drive. I recommend you to use 3rd party software (like Symantic ghost) to create the image.

Once you have all you information backup on that image, you can format the hard drives and then save the image on one drive and create the RAID on Windows.

Remember to set the SATA mode to RAID before to save the information again.

I would also recommend you to contact Dell, and ask if the chipset of you system supports RAID migrations.