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Bios update issue



I started to build my new gaming pc, and for that I bought Intel DZ87KLT-75K Motherboard and Intel i7 4790K processor. I hired a computer technician to assemble the pc. After the processor is installed in the motherboard the technician run the computer to check if the motherboard is working will or not. After running the computer, the motherboard didn't work with i7 4790K because it needs a Bios update. He downloaded the last software version of Bios from Intel website and updates the bios. ( he did the update for the Bios in a basic way ) after that everything is working well except one thing, the computer does not restart. When I try to restart it there is no response. It is just shutdown and start again with no display nothing at all, so I have to shut it down by start push button and start it again. We thought there is a problem in the motherboard, but for that we change the processor to Intel i7 4770 and run the computer. We surprised that everything is working well even the restart function. Which mean there is no problem with the motherboard. Also we checked the processor with another motherboard and it was working well too. Somebody ( he is also a computer technician ) told me there is a procedure to make a Bios update for Intel DZ87 and if u don't use it from the first time of running your board, you cannot use i7 4790K unless the board reset to factory condition.


  1. Is there a procedure to make the Bios updater rather than basic method?
  2. Is it possible to reset Intel DZ87KLT-75K board to factory condition like it is never used before?
  3. If I can't reset the board, can I use Intel i7 4790K processor in my board without restart problem?


- Is there a solution for this issue?

- If anyone experienced this before, could you please give me the procedure to fix this problem?

Thanks to all of you

If anyone need more clarification about any point, please contact me and you are more than welcome.


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