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Black Screen After Bios Update On DQ35MP

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Hey guys.

i have a problem, i think this time is a big problem.

i installed Windows 7 Professional (64bits), and i installed the drivers that i downloaded from the intel website. So, when i updated the bios, the installation had no issues really, till the system restarted and instead of displaying the bios, am just able to see a black screen and thats it.

i dont know if the board is messed up to the point i need to buy a new one. but i need help as soon as possible guys. what can i do with this problem?



HD 250 GB


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As a hint, I'd recommend referring to the "Top Troubleshooting Topics" section at the link below, especially the "Online No Boot Wizard" within "Troubleshooting system 'no boot' issues":

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I have had the same problem, did all the reseach on Intel's Trouble-shooting steps, to the point of giving up. So I took the battery out for 3 - 4 days. Re-installed to original configuration hardware. Jumpered pins into Maintenace, 1st in ME menu, entered default password "admin", do not enter your password at this time. 2nd in Exit menu, Load Optimal Defaults, DO NOT EXIT YET, 3rd in Advanced menu, Peripherial, TPM to disable, 4th in Maint menu Restore factory defaults, clear event log, enter date and time, 5th Press F10, 6th press "Y", 7th power down, disconnect cord, 8th place shunt back to pins 1-2 but before you do check the contacts inside the shunt they maybe too far apart, mine were, used needle nose pliers to carefully close gap, you need a good contact, 9th re-connect cord, 10th IMPORTANT, hold down F2 key while turning on power and keep holding F2, this got me back into regular BIOS which showed my update to 1143 from 882, now I can get all my information to enter into ME and TPM. System boots so fast that this like forces it say slow down a bit. I hope this helps any one with the black screen after BOIS updates with the blinking cursor in the top left cornor of the monitor.