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Bluetooth Driver Error



About a year ago, I was using my computer normally and all of a sudden all my Bluetooth devices stopped working. I went to check the Bluetooth settings, and the button to turn it on/off had disappeared.

I have repeatedly uninstalled/reinstalled the latest drivers. Countless resets. I even clean-installed Windows 10 a couple of times. Nothing worked. 

I ended up buying a Bluetooth dongle as a temporary solution while I scoured the internet, following countless threads as best as I could. As far as I can tell, this is a very common problem and lot of threads ended with the OP stating that the solutions provided did not work. 

I was excited to see a new updated driver, and I was hopeful this might fix the problem, but the driver is still in error state. Please see attached images for more info, and thank you for your time.

Annotation 2020-10-20 181025.png



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It sounds to me as if the BT portion of your Wireless-AC 3168 module has failed. You can purchase a replacement module from Amazon: Alternatively, you might be able to purchase an upgrade module: Their prices are about the same.



Mr. Pearson,

Thank you for replying to my post. May I ask what information I provided made you suspect that the module had failed? Mostly for future reference. 

Also, what is the regular life span of such a module? Do you happen to know? This computer is a little over a year old, it feels like this component should not fail so quickly. 

Thank you for your time. 

Super User Retired Employee

Simply the fact that you are always seeing an error yet you have tried various driver uninstall/install/upgrade operations.

You have a PC with a 3168 module. I am surprised to see a lower-end, four year old adapter in a PC that is only one year old. Despite this, no, it should not fail in one year. You should ask for a replacement. If this module came with the PC, then you need to ask the PC provider (it would be they who warranted its lifetime in this case).

Hope this helps.