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Boards supporting Win8 security features

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Which intel desktop boards will support the Windows 8 Secure Boot and Measured Boot security features?

I know at the very least the board would require a modern UEFI BIOS and a TPM. I've seen some Asus

and Gigabyte boards clearly advertising Windows 8 certification, which from my reading would imply

support for those Windows 8 features. However, I've always been a fan of intel boards so I'd like to build

my system with one if Intel has a board that is known to be compatible with those features.

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I have been told by Intel that all Series 7 motherboards supports Secure Boot. But none of them seems to have TPM. There is Secure Boot options in BIOS but it seems to be broken and PC will not post when it is turned on. I haven't tried to turn it on.

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I asked on another forum.

They wrote:

TPM is not required.

All Series 7 motherboards from Intel will support Secure Boot, that's what i have been told by Intel support. I believe that they are correct. Intel boards has no TPM but since it is not required, it means that all Intel UEFI boards supports/should support Secure Boot.

When Intel solves the issue with Legacy Boot off causing PC to not POST, then Secure Boot will work.