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Boot fail on new build


Intel DZ68BC Desktop board

Intel Quad 1600k CPU and supplied CPU fan

Antec 500W

Intergrated graphics (for the moment!)

5 case fans

Hey everyone, this was my first computer build and everything worked fine, got it built in 6 hours and windows installed. CPU temp was running at 85C though, so decided to take a look, removed fan and all seemed fine so was reinstalled.

But now it wont boot... Status code on the MB sticks on 08 (Starting BIOS execution after CPU BIST) and I dont get any display to the monitor however all of the case power is working prefectly as before.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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Re: Boot fail on new build

So just to clarify, it was working fine but since removing and refitting the CPU fan, it won't boot? No points for guessing my first suggestion is to check that you've correctly refitted the CPU Fan and that it's connected correctly to the right motherboard header and free to spin. Did you make sure you didn't flex the motherboard to much by pressing down excessively on the fan when installing it again (CPU fans are preferably installed with the motherboard on a flat antistatic mat before putting it into the case for this reason). You can install a CPU fan on an already installed motherboard but you have to be careful and ideally support the board from the rear (bearing in mind ESD precautions) if you do so.

You did have power totally removed from the board when you removed the CPU fan didn't you? (that should be the first thing you do when removing or unplugging anything from the board - powering off the PC is not enough so the mains plug should be removed). Did you take precautions against Electro Static Damage (ESD) such as touching the metal parts of the case before touching anything on the motherboard? All of these are explained in the boards manual (which you should have a good read of, if you haven't already done so).

AS for the CPU temp, IDU's temp on my DG45ID shows a 'Thermal Margin' - with the emphasis on the second word ie it's not the CPU temp but how much you have to play with before you get to the max allowable CPU temp - in this regard a high number is good! Check again to see what you were actually reading when you do get it up and running again.

[Edit: You may also want to check your CPU model - I've never heard of that type and it's not listed on the page showing CPUs that are compatible with your board]

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