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Boot from USB problem on DQ87PG


Hi everyone !

I would like to ask you for help as I have strange problem with my DQ87PG board.

I am not able to boot from usb stick with vmware ESXi 5.5 at startup.

Although the same ESXi 5.5 stick can boot without problem when I press F10

at startup and select it from list.

Also tried to boot different OS-es from this stick (ubuntu, dos) with no problem.

It seems to me that bios has problem with partitioning or filesystem used by vmware.

I had many (non Intel) boards in my hands before, and never encountered such a behavior...

Board is flashed with latest (0144) bios.

USB stick is detected in bios, legacy boot is enabled.

USB stick is set as first on boot priority list.

Doesn't work even when no other boot device present in system.

Work 100% when selected from boot device list. (F10 at startup)

Flashdisk is USB 3.0 and doesn't matter if plugged into USB 2.0 or 3.0 port on the board.

Any ideas?

Thanks for help,


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MCE, it seems to be a boot compatibility with the operating system installed on the USB. I don't think your motherboard is defective, since you were able to install other operating systems such as Ubuntu or DOS as you mentioned on your post.

Please keep in mind that ESXi 5.5 is an OS for server systems.


Hi Sylvia,

Thank for reply.

I am aware it's not a server board, but for small home server I don't need

specialized expensive proffesional server grade hardware.

For my purposes this intel board is sufficient and i like

management features it provides.

Until I give up and replace it with board from another manufacturer,

will try everything to make it work as one would expect.

I agree that my board is not defective, as it can boot vmware from USB stick

with no problem when selected from boot device list (F10 at startup).

Only automatic boot doesn't work...

Now when I want to boot (and run) vmware from USB stick, manual intervention

at computer startup is necessary.

That's annoying...

I did another test:

I took usb stick with vmware which can't boot (automaticaly) on DQ87PG board,

plugged into my another box (used as NAS) based on GIGABYTE board with the same chipset (q87).

System booted flawlessly on first try. Repated several times, no problems at all.

That's why I am convinced it's an bios issue of DQ87PG board.

Is there any chance that intel bios development team will check (and if possible, fix) this issue ?



Thanks for the updated, MCE. I will notify our engineering department about this situation. I cannot guarantee you a fix on the next BIOS version release, but they will be informed about this behavior.