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Bricked PC after BIOS update



I have an Intel DH67BL motherboard. rev. AAG10188-202 (the early model it seems). Serial# BTBL04700CLU.

After updating from the original bios version (0062) til the latest (0160) I can't boot the computer.

BIOS upgrade process:

* I used the F7 method for updating the BIOS

* BIOS-file was on a USB stick

* BIOS update was all success (had "done" in the 4-5 flash-steps)

* Computer automatically rebooted

The symptoms I now see are:

1. No video output (initial observation)

2. Computer does not boot

3. After trying many combinations I uninstalled all four RAM modules.

I'm not getting the expected three beeps nor blinking LED, when booting

without RAM. This scares me, as I think that if BIOS does not even detect

that there is no RAM available, then NOTHING works, but hopefully I'm

wrong about this.

What I have tried:

* BIOS recovery

- I have tried recovering with both USB- and CD-method

- I have had the PC stay overnight without CMOS battery installed

- I have been booting with screen attached to DVI and HDMI (separate boots)

* Following the steps in Anoshi's post (# 18) in the following thread:


To no avail unfortunately.

Can you help to the next steps please.

Best Regards


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Hi NielsD, when updating the BIOS we usually recommend incremental updates; you may skip few versions (two or three perhaps, depending on version number) but it is better to continue doing the update in increments in order to avoid this type of issue. The Intel® 6 Series motherboards have specific update instructions that were also discussed here: /thread/30813

Considering the description you provided I believe the only thing left to do is checking if the motherboard is still in warranty so you can contact Intel® support for replacement.

I am truly sorry for this experience and inconvenience.



Thanks for responding.

I just made contact with support, but unfortunately the motherboard was bought in March 2011, so warranty is two months overdue.

In the release notes there as several references to BIOS 0151, but I cannot read from it that this is a MUST HAVE version (as I now think that I know).


For future improvements of release notes I'll suggest that this is added to the text.

Brgds Niels


I agree, hopefully we will include more information in this regard besides what is described in the article below. Desktop Boards — Updating the BIOS to support 3rd Generation Intel® Core&# 153; Processors