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CPU Heatsink fan


Andifany X79 X79G Motherboard Set with LGA2011 Combos Xeon E5 2620 CPU. I got this board and CPU from Amazon, and no standard CPU heatsink fan fits the screw pattern. It is a discontinued server set, but I think an i5 heatsink fan should fit, but it doesn't. The seller on Amazon cannot provide a part number for this fan and I've never heard of Andifany, nor can I find a website. Can anyone provide any information on this?

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Seriously? This isn't rocket science. You need a heatsink-fan unit designed for or kitted to support the LGA2011 socket. Did you do a search on for, for example, "LGA2011 Cooler"? I did. There are dozens of them available. There are even examples of your so-called 'standard' heatsink-fan solution that include adapters that allow it to be used with the LGA2011 socket. I don't recommend these, however; choose one that is intended to support the Xeon processors and their dissipation requirements.

I recommend one like this: This will also to the job, but can be very loud:

You could also go with a liquid cooling solution like this: or this (better):