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Can not Recover BIOS ?!

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So, i have a new Intel DZ77RE-75K

I wanted to update my BIOS, and what a mistake i did to use the WIN utility...

(reading all the problems people got, i wonder why Intel still provide it).

So now, i'm at the point where my PC does not boot anymore (well, come the power, then nothing, black screen).

I removed the Bios Jumper, copied GA0064.BIO on USB flash, reboot, waited long time.

But nothing.

(i tried with the GA0039.BIO and with another flash).

So, i can not recover my BIOS.

What can i do now?

Is there any other tricky method to fix this?

Thanks for your help.


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Unplug everything attached to the motherboard only things to remain attached should be

Power Supply

1 Memory Stick in the first memory slot closest/next to the CPU

Keyboard & Mouse

(Recommended) use Integrated Graphics Output or (Optional) attach your GFX card if you prefer

Plug USB to a port on the motherboard preferably a USB 2.0

Remove the BIOS jumper then run recovery.

Let us know if this helps, so it can be used to help others with same problem

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So, what i tried is to unplug all sata.

I tried to boot without RAM, i got my 3 beeps, so that was a good thing.

I have no GFX.

I went again for recovery, but still nothing.

Actually, that what i thought.

Desperately, after 15 minutes, i shutted down, plugged again the Jumper (into config mode : 2-3) and it worked.

i had my BIOS back.

So, during the recover, there is no reboot or any signal.

Well, Things solvec.

For others, even if your PC does not reboot, give a try by rpelacing your Jumper back to test.

Thanks for your help stephen.