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Can one use of AIO/thin-mini-ITX boards to get LVDS/eDP ports be "external" monitor?

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Can a board's LVDS or eDP be used as external monitor when an signal is plugged in to either HDMI or DisplayPort (or through LAN or through WiDi) of an intel desktop board?

If it can, can it be used both within the Windows 7/8 OS or in streamline linux distros (Ubuntu/Debian, Redhat/Fedora, Suse) AND/OR in a bypass mode (without powering up the rest of the Mo-Bo sub-systems, without booting into the OS)?

If it currently can't, are the hardware on the board capable? i.e. such that a BIOS/firmware/driver development/update/release be sufficient to enable such use? Is HDMI/DP/WiDi ports by-design on the board bi-directional (I/O, not just outputs).

If they are bi-directional, then I imagine it just needs BIOS/firmware settings for selective wake feature of some of MoBo sub-sys (to be wake-on-HDMI or wake-on-DP or wake-on-LAN or wake-on-WiDi).

The questions above are really generic questions to all intel thin-mini-ITX MoBos. If the scope is too generic, my most specific hardware of interest is a touchscreen-AIO build using the integration of: DQ77KB board with i5-3570S into CTL/Mitac M780T barebone.

*I just happen to suddenly wonder if I can plug in my laptop's HDMI-out and use the 23.6" screen of the AIO as an external monitor (or even better if the capacitive touchpanel also be usable) either while the AIO PC is on or without booting into the AIO's OS.*

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Bump, I would like to know this too.