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Can't even see BIOS screen after changing setup



First, my desktop configuration:

Intel DB85FL

Core i5 4550

HD 500 GB


GTX 650 1GB

Recently I reinstalled my SO and did it sucessfully so I went back to the BIOS to change the boot order (I remember I unmarked Legacy Boot and UEFI boot). After I've done that, my computer wont boot anymore. I mean: not even the BIOS screen (that intel symbol with the options to hit on the keyboard - F2 for enter setup, F7 to update, etc) appears. No video is displayed (the monitor keeps asking to plug the HDMI cable) and i can hear long beeps and long intervals for a while and suddenly they stop, but the computer still works (all fans and leds are on since the begining, but no video is displayed).

I already tried:

- Checking RAM.

- Running with onboard video.

- Recoverying BIOS with a .BIO file in a pendrive (done sucessfully but the problem is still occurring)

- Unplugning the jumper (wich lets me see the BIOS screen but displays that 4 option menu in which any option I choose it will ask to reconnect the jumper and problem comes back when plug it and power the pc again).

Can anybody help me? I can't belive I just broke my mother board configuring the boot order D:

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Hi lucas.leal, perhaps you will be able to access the BIOS by moving the jumper to pins 2-3.

It may also help removing power and CMOS battery for 20-30 minutes.

Otherwise, can you provide more information about the amount of beeps?


Hey Joe,

I already tried moving jumper to pins 2 - 3 and the same problem appears. The only way I can see any video on the screen (and it is the BIOS screen on wich I can't press F2 or F7 or F10) is when I remove the jumper. Then after that 4 option menu, any option I take leads to the same problem: no video again.

I just noticed that it may have nothing to do with the BIOS anymore: according to the beep code of my motherboard, this is a problem with the video.

I can hear 2 long beeps with an interval of 1 sec and then a pause of 2.5 secs. This is repeated once and then my computer boots normally with no video. It happens exactly like described here ( Desktop Boards — BIOS beep codes).

I already tried powering up my computer with the off board card removed but the same problem appears. Is it possible that my PROCESSOR is damaged?


It is possible but I consider it is a rare behavior to get video for a brief moment and then two beeps, even with the graphics card connected.

At this time only swapping parts will indicate the part affected.