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Can't start an Intel DZ77BH-55K motherboard after adding a sound card?


I'm a DIYer who has built many Intel DeskTop systems. I added a SB Sound Card to a DZ77BH-55K based machine and now the system doesn't start?  Want this system dedicated as Win 7 OS machine to run old software.  Removed the card and system still will not start.  The Chassis is from SuperMicro, but no intrusion was ever used.  Think this should have been so simple and am wondering if I'm a geezer who's lost it?  Any suggestion are much appreciated.

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Adding a sound card, provided you first disable the sound subsystem on the motherboard (from BIOS Setup), should not cause any problems. Since you *are* seeing something, I would guess that you've somehow zapped the motherboard. Did you unplug the system and properly ground yourself while you installed the card?
I suggest that you unplug the system and then remove the CR2032 battery from the board for 15 minutes. Then, put it back together and see if it will POST. If it will, use F2 to go into BIOS Setup and set the date and time.
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