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Can't update the bios of my DH77EB


Hello everyone,

I'm trying to update my BIOS (0053) to the newer one (0101), but I can't do it in any way!

If I try using the .exe update, it restarts the computer and after entering the windows, I receive something like the following message: "there was an error updating your system bios. please view the readme for more information." (I also tried updating to another versions)

If I try using the pen drive, in bios options when it asks Yes or No if I want to proceed with the update, it just freezes if I hit Yes (I waited more than one hour), then I restarted my computer and obviously, nothing happened.

Do you have any clue of what could I do to update it?

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Hello RMendez, It is very important for you to know that sometimes, it is necessary to install previous BIOS versions before updating to the latest one.

BIOS version 0053 is the original or the initial BIOS on this specific board. There are 11 newer versions.

Please check the BIOS Update Release Notes locate on the following link. It will show you the fixes included on each BIOS version.

I would recommend you to try the following BIOS versions, before installing the latest one. Use minimal configuration while doing the installations.






Feel free to install any other BIOS version you think you would need. then please let me know if you were able to install the latest BIOS.

You can also remove the CMOS battery and leave the system without it for about an hour. Then put it back on and restart the system. datetime datetime