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Cannot Find Updated Bios for Intel DG41WV




I got a Core 2 Quad Q9505s yesterday to upgrade my system from an E5700. Unfortunately I cannot seem to make it work on my Intel DG41WV.  A quick search on Google left me nowhere and couldn't find the latest bios for this motherboard. I found the immediate update which is 0099 ver. (maybe) and it still can't detect the processor. After switching the power on, I can hear 3 beeps in a row and nothing happens; the monitor goes to the power saving mode.


Can anybody tell me is this bios issue or something else has been messed up in the system? Also please help me with the latest bios you have for this motherboard.

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Sorry, but the Q9505s is not a supported processor for your board:

3 BEEPS is telling you that there is a memory problem.

The latest/last bios for your board is 0018.  What is your complete bios string?

Bios release notes:

Specs on your board:

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Fortunately, Q9505s does work with G41 motherboard and I am writing this comment on my pc which is powered by this new Q9505s I bought.

I first thought it might not work since the pdf of supported processor list you provided does not have this processor included. But later I thought, it definitely should be supported since the list has other Quad Core processors like Q9400 etc. and the Q9505s is barely any different in character. I tried to update my bios and with some trial and error, I was able to update to the 0018 version which is the latest version. But still wasn't able to get the pc running successfully. When I powered it up, the screen just comes and goes away within 8-10 seconds. I had to take my whole pc to the shop where I bought the processor from. Interestingly, the guy solved the problem in 5 mins. Actually the cpu cooling fan was not good enough for a Q series though it was good for my old e5700.

I had to spend 4 bucks for a new cpu cooler and everything worked like a charm. Now the Q9505s ($8) along with a new cpu cooling fan ($4) is rocking my years old pc twice as fast and I am loving it.

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Hold your excitement.   You may experience unexplained problems later.

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You just made me feel anxious again sir. Yesterday I tested a video export with my new Processo. The export time in my test has reduced to 40% compared to my old processor which is kind of 2&1/2 times faster.

Anyway, if anything goes wrong, I will post here. If everything runs smoothly for next 2-3 months, i will share my experience as well.