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Cannot create RAID volume with system disk


I have the DH87RL board with RAID set in BIOS, and Windows 8 installed.

I want to create a RAID volume 0 with my Windows system disk and an drive which is currently unused.

In the Rapid Storage Technology software, when I click to create a volume, and then choose RAID 0, the disk on which Windows is installed does not appear in my list of drives and therefore won't allow me to create a RAID volume with it. All other drives do appear in the list.

According to the directions that I have been reading in help screens, it seems that I am supposed to be able to create a RAID with a system disk and that the software is supposed to be able to preserve the data.

I would have liked to create the RAID before installing the OS but that wasn't an option with this motherboard (Ctrl + I doesn't work, and no options anywhere outside the OS to create a RAID). Intel's instructions on the website states to install Windows and then use Rapid Storage Technology to create RAID volumes.

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It is totally expected not being able to set up a RAID 0 on Windows, since it is not possible to split the hard drive where the OS was installed. You will be able to set up a RAID 1.

In order to access to the RAID interface (Ctrl + I), you would need to set the SATA mode on RAID before and also all hard drives need to be connected to the motherboard.

Before trying to access the Ctrl + I menu, please check on BIOS if all hard drivers are being recognized.

Which is the current BIOS version of your motherboard?